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At Glenelg Supportive Care we give a helping hand to assist residents rehabilitated from their disabilities and help them integrate back into society, living as independently as possible. We offer our residents a comfortable and safe environment with minimal restrictions to each of our residents freedom.

Glenelg Supportive Care maintains a philosophy that is simple and considerate.
Every person needs to be treated with Respect, Kindness and Dignity.

All of us have the right to receive quality care and support, particularly in times of greatest need.

Every caregiver deserves respite, support, assistance and a break during their ongoing duties.

Glenelg Supportive Care has a strong reputation in Adelaide, many health professionals personally recommend their own patients to us. This reputation is the result of the hard work we have put in maintaining the very high level of care we provide for all of our guests. Glenelg Supportive Care is a family owned and operated Australian business, with a long and proud history of operation in Adelaide.
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