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"I like living here. Everybody is kind and helpful"- Malcolm, Resident


Glenelg Lodge is able to care for a variety of guests including,

  • Those with Mental and Physical disabilities that require extra personal care at times.
  • Those that require some extra assistance care during old age.
  • Those waiting to find placement in a suitable long term care facility, home care or other suitable types of accommodation.
  • Those that may need extra help and assistance after an accident, operation or discharge from hospital.
  • People that need assistance while their caregiver(s) takes a much deserved rest or holiday.

Glenelg Lodge maintains an open door policy to people of all ages and low level care needs. We are a relatively small facility with only 34 beds, we specialise in aged care and for people with physical and mental disabilities.

We here at Glenelg Lodge can help you...

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